How to Use a Beard Trimmer for an Awesome Look

Today, everyone wants to stand up as a star in their look unlike the early days when only women were concerned about it. Men’s look starts right from the face with the maintenance of the beard. This makes them look more masculine and stylish within a very short time. Use of a beard trimmer in this case helps you achieve excellent results due to the variable length attachments that they have. This allows you to trim your beard with ease to your desired length. The following are ways in which you can use a beard trimmer to make your look an envy of all your acquaintances.

The first step is washing and drying the beard thoroughly before trimming them. This is because a clean beard is effortless to trim and leads to the best results. After drying your beard, comb it through to make sure that there are no hairs hidden or curled up. Instead, all the hairs should be lying flat.

Secondly, start by tiding up your neck area. If you prefer defining a neckline, get the guard off the trimmer. This is because the blade is the one meant for defining a border in which your beard should start. While trimming the neck area you should not go near the chin to prevent it from appearing like a double chin.

Thirdly, move to the side of your face beginning with your sideburns. Decide whether you want to design your beard before you start trimming your sides. For instance, you can decide to shave your face such that you make a U shaped beard style while the cheeks are shaven. Once you are through with trimming in your desired style comb out your beard to ensure that there are no stray hairs that were not shaven. Shave the cheek area then where you do not want any hair to appear without touching the mustache.

The next step is grooming and tidying the mustache. While trimming the mustache extra care is needed unlike while trimming the cheeks. This is because any slight mistake done on the mustache can be complicated to rectify without letting it grow again thus interfering with your look. It is thus advisable to comb the mustache perpendicularly down towards the upper lip first. Then cut the hair split ends extending over your lip. The mustache hair need to be longer to be in a sleeping pose thus a higher guard comb is needed while trimming the mustache. You should finally apply a high quality mustache wax to hold your mustache in an excellent shape.

Finally, you should invest in a high quality beard trimmer that will give you various length adjustments. After you have trimmed and shaped your beard appropriately, you just need a simple maintenance to keep it awesomely groomed and neatly trimmed. This will be achieved by washing, combing your beard regularly, and using a conditioner to keep it looking and feeling soft. For a more fighting fit groomed appearance you should keep your unbearded areas of your face bald daily and trim the wandering hairs in and around your beard once a week. This can also be done when the need arises.